Welcome to Notoraxia's rules page!
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By joining the Minecraft server, you automatically agree to these rules.

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2.1 Spam

Spamming or sending messages in a way that disrupts chat flow, normally by sending a similar message repeatedly, is not allowed.

2.2 Stealing and Griefing

Stealing and Griefing on land that you don't own without permission is strictly prohibited.

2.3 Listed unwanted behavior is not allowed on the server. Unwanted behavior includes:

Explicit forms of bullying.
Repetitive use of derogatory terms.
Comments encouraging self-harm.
Inciting violence or explicit forms of hate speech against racial and social minorities.

Toxicity is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and staff has the final say in what is considered toxic behavior. Repeated behavior may lead to warnings, mutes, and eventually a permanent ban.

2.4 Impersonating other players

Impersonating players by taking advantage of, but not limited to, usernames or nicknames is not allowed. Offenders will be asked to revert to their proper character. If any damage is done staff may choose to ban the offending player.

2.5 RK'ing

Killing people for no reason is allowed.

2.6 Sharing personal information

Sharing personal information and identities of others without their explicit permission is strictly forbidden. Personal information may be, but not limited to, “real life” photos of players, phone numbers, home addresses, social networks, school/work location, family relations, and IP addresses.

2.7 Sharing links

Malicious links are not allowed, this includes for instance viruses or IP loggers. Links that contribute to breaking any of the rules listed on this page are not allowed. This includes sending links to other players in Discord for instance as well. Linking to sexual or extremely violent/disturbing content is not allowed. Other links are allowed.

2.8 Advertising

Advertising is not allowed unless it’s related to the server.

2.9 Selling content and services for real money

You are not allowed to sell in-game items or services for real-life money, or vice-versa.

2.10 Language in global chat channels

When speaking in the global chat you should stick to English only. You can use other private chat channels for other languages like private messages. If there are only or almost only players who also speak your language online you are allowed to speak it in the global channels too.

2.11 Ban Evansion

You are not allowed to use an alternate account or a VPN to evade a ban. It is your responsibility to ensure that your account is not banned.

2.12 Mute Evasion

You are allowed to use signs, books, and other in-game methods to evade your mute. You are NOT allowed to use an alternate account to evade your mute.

2.13 Sharing your Account

Sharing your account with any other individual renders it null and void from receiving any kind of compensation. This includes being banned if your main account has been banned.

2.14 Lag Machines

You are not allowed to intentionally cause the server lag.

2.15 Lying to Staff

You are not allowed to lie to staff under any circumstances.

2.16 Innapropriate Builds

Inappropriate or NSFW item names/builds are not permitted.

2.17 Command Spam

You are not allowed to spam commands that affect anyone other than yourself.

2.18 Illegal Activites

You are not allowed to do anything illegal whilst on the server, this applies to the US constitution and state/county laws. This applies to your nations laws as well.

2.19 Fancy Chat

Any chat other than the default text or colored/bold text is NOT allowed.

2.20 Privacy Violations/Doxxing/DDos Threats

You are not allowed to threaten any player of the server with a DDoS attack. You are not allowed to share your or another player's personal information. For yourself, you are limited to share in the server only your first name, country, state, and age.

2.21 Filter Entrapments

You are not allowed to trick people into getting fake console bans.

2.22 Lava Casts & World Eaters

You are not permitted to make any type of lava cast, cobblemonster, or world eater without permission or without being in a war.

2.23 Threatening Legal Action

You are not allowed to threaten any other server member with legal action.

2.24 Cheat clients and other modifications

Cheat clients, macro keys, and other modifications which give the player gameplay leverage over other players are not allowed. Players found breaking this rule will face a permanent ban, and yes, permanent means permanent.

This rule does not apply to:

Optifine and other performance improvement mods.
Armor and effect status HUD mods.
Minimap mods.
Purely aesthetic mods.
Litematica without printer function (Schematica is not allowed however).

2.25 Knowingly benefitting from or assisting others in breaking server rules

Players found intentionally assisting in, knowingly participating in, or knowingly benefitting from other players breaking any of the rules listed on this page may be treated as if they committed the act themselves.

2.26 Technical errors and server exploits

Players are not allowed to take advantage of apparent server bugs or otherwise exploit technical oversights. Players found taking advantage of bugs or technical oversights without notifying staff may be permanently banned.

2.27 Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts or “alts” for short are not allowed. You may only use one account per player. Alternative accounts will be banned and the player’s main account may be warned if this rule is deliberately broken. Please contact server staff if you wish to switch your main account.

2.28 Intentionally causing lag or disrupting Notoraxia's services

Players intentionally causing harm to the services we provide may be permanently banned.

2.29 Naming

The following account characteristics may not be explicit, sexual, racist, or otherwise inappropriate: Username, Nickname, Player skin.

2.30 Auto Farms

Farms that are NOT allowed:
Auto Gold Farm
Auto cactus, sugarcane, bamboo, wheat, beetroot, carrot, or potato farms larger than 4 chunks
Auto totem farms
Any other farms are allowed unless said otherwise by staff.

2.31 Towers and holes

You are not allowed to build 1x1 towers or 1x1 holes without a purpose.

2.32 Massive Redstone Builds

No massive redstone builds that run 24/7 without approval from an ADMIN+

2.33 One Player Sleep

If someone says not to sleep and you sleep, you will be warned. If the majority wants to sleep, this can be overriden.
NOTE: Staff that are ADMIN+ reserve the right to say something is not allowed EVEN IF it is not in the rules.

1. All sides must agree to a war. The only exception is if a kingdom or people have been betrayed or have a strong viable cause. If they do they must ask an ADMIN+ if they may declare a war.

2. All sides must agree on terms of war. Any war crimes will be warned and likely punished.

3. Griefing is NOT allowed UNLESS all sides agree.

4. SIgn locks must all be disabled during war, they would be an unfair advantage.

5. Looting is allowed in war.

6. If all sides allow griefing, TNT can not be manually placed, it must be placed by a machine.

7. You may invite others into your wars before and during the war. (E.G. Assassins, Mercenaries, other Kingdoms, etc.) But they must also agree on the terms of war.

8. NO ATTACKING those not involved in the war (E.G. Other Kingdoms)

9. Provinces are by default added to the war with their motherland Kingdoms. In a war meeting, they may ask to abstain but only the rulers of the warring kingdoms can allow their absence.

10. Any changes in the server rules stated above are the only server rule chances, all of the other ones still aplly!

Discord Rules are as follows!

1. Cursing is allowed, just do not use it excessively.

2. No NSFW anywhere.

3. No spreading links that have not been approved.

4. Follow Discord's Terms of Service.

5. Do not spam, this includes mass pinging, excessive caps, or overusing emoji's/reactions.

6. Do not abuse permissions as a staff member.

7. Advertising is not allowed unless it is related to Notoraxia.

8. English only

9. No custom character or inappropriate usernames/nicknames.

10. Don't post .gifs or videos that could give someone an epileptic response. (Seizure or the likes)

11. Use common sense if what you are doing seems against the rules, it probably is.

12. No raiding.

13. Do not impersonate others especially staff members.

14. Don't ask multiple staff members the same question, if one says no, don't go to another expecting a different answer.

15. No ear abuse in any of the voice chats.

16. Any attempt to bypass the rules or find loopholes is prohibited.

17. Rules apply to direct messaging other members of the server.

18. No questioning staff's decisions, if you have a problem with it, message someone higher than them with a valid reason.

19. No asking to be granted roles/moderator roles.

20. No illegal actions according to your country, state, county, or town's laws.

21. No publishing of personal information (including addresses, emails, passwords, bank account information, credit card information, IP addresses, etc.)

22. No religious, political, sexual, or otherwise controversial discussions.

23. No trolling.

24. Staff reserve the right to delete any post.

25. Bot commands that are not moderation stay only in #bot-commands.

26. Use each voice channel for the purpose it was made for.

27. No voice chat channel hopping.

28. Staff reserve the right to mute, deafen, disconnect, or move members to and from other voice channels as they see fit.

29. No racism, sexism, homophobia, islamaphobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.

30. Do not block staff members from DMing you.

31. Memes only go in #memes.